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While you may have to hunt to find the plethora of end-of-the-year movies with “potential Oscar nominee” writ all over them — most are appearing in a relative handful of theaters and, in many cities, not at all — you’ll have no trouble finding The Sitter, which is being released in thousands of theaters and doesn’t stand a chance of an Oscar nod. Or, it would seem, a positive review. Betsy Sharkey in the Los Angeles Times lays into the filmmakers “for perpetrating this terribly unfunny and overwhelmingly raunchy film.” The raunch clearly was too much for most critics. “The Sitter allows no opportunity for sophomorically leering humor to go unturned,” writes Ann Hornaday in the Washington Post. Among the raunchy schtick, according to Ty Burr in the Boston Globe: “crass racial and sexual stereotypes, more drugs than a DEA evidence room, reckless child endangerment, language to drop a nun, and a very strange whiteboy crush on all things black and urban.” “The problem,” adds Steven Rea in the Philadelphia Inquirer, “is that it’s all predictable, pushing-the-R-rating raunch and carnage.” Several critics remark that the one redeeming thing about the movie is that it’s only 80 minutes long. But the New York Post‘s Kyle Smith, the only major newspaper critic to give the film a positive review, notes that the film’s director, David Gordon Green, also did Pineapple Express, “a movie that was 20 minutes too flabby just as this one is 20 minutes too tight.” Smith gives the movie three out of four stars, calling it “smart, funny, agreeably perverse and simultaneously abrupt and exhausting.”