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In a first-of-its-kind deal, the British television network Channel 4 will become the exclusive advertiser on all 1,460 digital signs in the London subway system on New Year’s Eve. The ads, appearing on the CBS Outdoor screens, will be changed at regular intervals, and will feature the stars of game and comedy shows celebrating the approach of the new year. Travelers riding escalators in tube stations will see the celebrities seemingly descending the escalators next to them. On the trains, Channel 4 said, videos will show them riding “side by side, minding their own business, on their way to their respective big nights out.” As the night wears on, the network said, the actors will appear “increasingly more debauched” as they travel from one party to the next and by the end of the night they will be “looking slightly the worse for wear.” Terms of the deal between Channel 4 and CBS Outdoor, the billboard unit of America’s CBS Corp., were not disclosed. CBS Outdoor said that the ad campaign was the first to make use of all its digital screens in the London underground.