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Satellite operator DISH Network has unveiled a new DVR at the CES convention in Las Vegas that will automatically record every primetime show on the four major television networks and hold them for later viewing for as long as eight days. The DVR, called Hopper, will sport 2 TBs (terabytes) of storage, half of which will be used to record programs on ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC airing between 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. nightly. Programs on the Hopper can also be accessed via up to three boxes called Joeys in other rooms of the home. Moreover, the DVRs will operate in conjunction with DISH’s Sling box, making the programs available for remote viewing on laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Pricing for Hopper was not disclosed. In a related matter, DISH also announced the release of an iPad app for its Blockbuster @Home service (formerly Blockbuster Movie Pass), a streaming service that permits customers to access more than 100,000 movies, TV shows and games instantly. And in yet another announcement DISH said that it will launch a new satellite-delivered high-speed broadband service with partner ViaSat in the first quarter.

  • erik superman

    I am extremely excited for these new technologies!! 
    Some of them are already available, and some are soon to be released, but DISH
    keeps adding to their incredible repertoire of features and
    technologies!!  This new Hopper is going to be amazing.  I know it
    took a bit longer for DISH to have the Whole Home DVR put in place, but now
    that it has been developed, it far outshines anything available at Comcast or
    DirecTV.  With PrimeTime Anytime, the ability to manage the DVR from any
    room, and the fastest processor in the industry, DISH customers are in for a
    real treat here.  My DISH coworkers and I got to mess around with this
    technology at work yesterday, and as soon as it’s released we are getting in