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One month and two days before Super Bowl XLVI, NBC said today (Tuesday) that it had sold out all commercial availabilities during the Feb. 5 game. Actually, Seth Winter, head of sales and marketing for NBC Sports, the last spot was sold around Thanksgiving but two advertisers want to back out of their commitment and NBC has agreed to try to find other advertisers willing to take over. In an interview with Advertising Age, Winter also indicated that ads for the streaming digital webcast are being sold separately. “There are going to be fewer advertisements with less messaging, something that would be more conducive to how you would expect the digital experience to be,” Winter told the trade publication. And while NBC Universal is one of the owners of the online video website Hulu, the Super Bowl won’t be available on either Hulu’s free or paid service — only at or via Verizon’s NFL Mobile application. Thirty-second Super Bowl spots, Winter also indicated, were sold as part of a package that included ads on other NBC sports programs and/or on those broadcast by its sports cable network, with average prices for the packages pegged at around $3.5 million. At least one 60-second spot will also air during the game (from Volkswagen). The NBC telecast will contain 35 minutes of commercials — suggesting that the network will gross around $245 million from the national broadcast alone. (It will earn additional revenue from the webcast and from local spots sold by its owned-and-operated stations.)