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Dylan Byers

Fox News’s website has been caught lifting an article verbatim from The Atlantic Wire and running it virtually verbatim without attribution. The article by John Hudson, about how the U.S. Navy is reportedly training dolphins to be used as minesweepers in the Strait of Hormuz, was originally posted on The Atlantic Wire’s site on January 13. When the writer spotted the same story appearing on two days later, he contacted’s media writer Dylan Byers, who on Monday ran both articles side by side. “If you’re still looking for a difference between the two,” Byers remarked, “Hudson italicized The San Francisco Chronicle.” Byers wrote that he had asked Fox News to comment on the obvious plagiarism but received no reply, but later in the day the website acknowledged that “an editor failed to properly source” the original. regrets the use of the article in its original form and apologizes to and our readers for doing so,” it added.