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Eddie Brill will no longer be booking comedy acts for CBS’s Late Show with David Letterman after touching off an uproar over remarks he made during an interview with the New York Times. Asked by the newspaper why he booked more male acts than female, he replied, “There are a lot less female comics who are authentic. I see a lot of female comics who to please an audience will act like men.” The newspaper said today that Brill, who also “warms up” the audience with a comedy act of his own before each Late Night program, is being dropped as a talent scout and that the show will revert to a previous system in which comedians will be scouted in night clubs and invited to perform their acts for a group of senior producers. The show’s treatment of Brill was criticized by Lisa Lampanelli, who has been a frequent Letterman guest. “Tell these women to stop being wahhhh,” she told a Times reporter, adding, “By the way, for your fact checker, that’s spelled w-a-h-h-h-h.”