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Di Bonaventura

The surprising success of The Devil Inside is likely to trigger a plethora of “found footage” movies in 2012, the Los Angeles Times observed today (Tuesday). “There’s a freshness to it — the camera work gives you an intimacy, because you feel like you’re inside something that is real,” Lorenzo di Bonaventura, co-executive producer of The Devil Inside, told the newspaper. “[And] these films are so wildly profitable — and even when they’re not, the cost of them is so little that it’s an easier shot to take.” Such films are to the movie theater what reality shows are to TV, Steven Schneider, co-executive producer of Devil, told the Times. “It’s born of our desire to have genre narratives that still seem very grounded and real.” But some analysts aren’t so sure, attributing the success of Devil to an effective trailer and online marketing campaign. Audiences coming out of the theater who were polled by CinemaScore gave the movie an “F.”