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Keith Olbermann won’t be anchoring coverage of the New Hampshire primary Tuesday night, but he has agreed to anchor Current TV’s coverage of future primaries this year. Olbermann and the cable network each issued terse statements on Sunday, revealing nothing about the cause of their previous squabble or how it had been resolved. Several commentators had suggested that Current looked as if it were attempting to cover the elections with the budget of a public access channel. The fact that Olbermann will not anchor election coverage on Tuesday seemed to suggest that he had insisted that the channel at least beef up its technical systems and crew before he would compete with other cable news channels for election coverage. Today’s (Monday) New York Times reported that Olbermann has concluded that it is “silly to attempt to expand coverage when the channel’s marquee show lacked reliable production.” It is not clear whether coverage of future elections will go beyond expanding Olbermann’s Countdown show. Commented New York Times media writer David Carr: “Current TV wants to be a player in the cable news/opinion world and most especially in the 2012 election, but their production capabilities are not ready for prime time and the man who was supposed to take the lead has barricaded himself within the four corners of his show and, so far, he’s not coming out.”