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Now Keith Olbermann is feuding with the New York Times, which was the first to report on his feud with the powers-that-be at his Current TV channel. Olbermann on Thursday took to Twitter to complain about the report by Brian Stelter, at one point accusing Stelter of “flat-out lying” and remarking that it represented “unsupervised pseudo-journalism by kids.” (Stelter is 26; Olbermann, 52.) Meanwhile, several writers joined in backing Olbermann’s criticism of the low-end production of his shows. Responding to a tweet by Stelter, NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen remarked, “There’s a certain minimal floor for network TV; if you don’t reach it, you’re not really in the same ‘space,’ televisually.'” Alex Weprin, a current editor of, which Stelter founded, noted that Olbermann’s production doesn’t come close to Glenn Beck’s on GBTV. “If Glenn Beck can produce a quality-looking show with cash out of pocket,” Weprin observed, “Current should have no trouble producing one. So far, however, it has failed to do so.”