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PBS’s Frontline is preparing a special about the telephone hacking scandal that has embroiled — and continues to dog — News Corp, Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera has disclosed in a Facebook post. Rivera said that he learned about plans for the special from veteran investigative reporter Lowell Bergman, a colleague during their days at ABC, who is using his graduate students participating in a seminar on investigative reporting at UC Berkeley to develop the exposé, as well as reporters working for the nonprofit ProPublica organization. Rivera said that Bergman told him that the reporters were attempting to get someone from Fox News to address the matter. (Presumably that was the reason for their get-together.) Rivera wrote: ‘Now glaring back at the indefatigable Mr. Bergman, I asked, ‘Are you threatening me?” which he denied, then I said, ‘Let me get this straight. You are the most left-wing reporter in television news, a Berkeley professor no less, and you’re working with ProPublica, the most hard-left reporters’ group in the business, and you’re going to air your documentary on Public Television, and you expect me to convince my colleagues at Fox News that you’re going to give us a fair-shake? Give me a break.'”