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Seeming to acknowledge that there are only subtle differences among all the TV talent shows, including his own The X Factor, Simon Cowell said Wednesday that he plans to give the show a distinctive look next season. Speaking to reporters, Cowell, who produces the show and appears on the judging panel, remarked that he has been “doing this for 11 years, these shows, and you just can’t keep doing the same thing.” Ratings for The X Factor in its first season on Fox failed to live up to expectations — certainly not those of Cowell, who had predicted that it would average 20 million weekly viewers. Slightly more than half that number materialized. “I think we learned a lesson last year,” he said. The first major change will be the introduction of two hosts. “I think you’re going to see a different kind of chemistry with two people.” (The British version of American Idol, called Pop Idol, uses two hosts, who are known as Ant and Dec.) Cowell admitted that he had “host my big mouth off as usual” when he predicted outsized ratings for X Factor last year. However, he added, “I absolutely expect the second season to do better [in the ratings] than the first.”