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Glenn Mulcaire

A British appeals court has turned down efforts by the private detective at the center of the U.K. telephone hacking scandal to avoid revealing the names of the higher-ups at The News of the World and/or News International who paid him to intercept the voicemail of British celebrities. The detective, Glenn Mulcaire, is expected to be called as a witness in the case of several British celebrities whose phones are known to have been hacked by Mulcaire. He had protested against the order to testify on the grounds of possible self-incrimination. The appeals judge (“master of the rolls”), Lord David Neuberger, said that he agreed with the lower court ruling that those who instructed Mulcaire to hack into the phones were “part and parcel of the interception.” John Kelly, a lawyer for British actor/comedian Steve Coogan, said, “This is a very significant decision and is a landmark ruling … likely to be relied upon by other phone-hacking victims.”