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Following numerous reports that “cord cutting” did not represent a serious threat to cable television operators, Nielsen said on Wednesday that the number of households that have dropped their satellite TV subscriptions and relied exclusively on broadband Internet access to watch TV had grown 22.8 percent over the last year. While such households now represent fewer than 5 percent of all TV households, the growing number was described by Nielsen as “a development to watch.” Another development was more or less the converse side of the issue. Said Nielsen: “Further underscoring the importance placed on broadband Internet, the number of homes subscribing to cable-plus and no broadband decreased 17.1 percent since last year.”

  • Anonymous

    Considering the crappiness of most of the programming and the absolutely awful customer service, I’m not surprised.

  • Eazy E

    It would be a good idea but I’m not paying iTunes $59.00 to watch the second season of the Good Wife.

  • Anonymous

    Not too surprising, you get three or four watchable channels amongst all the manure. Without the internet access, it wouldn’t be on at my house.

  • Jeffrey Betts

    Dropped mine almost a year ago, Don’t miss it one bit. Get news off Internet watching the Mainstream Media is just watching propaganda anyway.

  • Robert Anderson

    Don’t blame Apple (iTunes) they don’t set the price; the sellers set the price Apple only collects a percentage of the price set by the owner.

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  • Patti

    I cut the cable cord by getting a Mohu Leaf antenna (pictures are excellent) for the FREE OTA signals and a Tivo box, as I want to record and watch the broadcast content when I want. Tivo also includes streaming access (or you can use another streaming device, i.e. Roku) with apps including Amazon, Netflix, Blockbuster and Hulu Plus. The Tivo box requires a $20 monthly fee, but that’s less than 3 times what my former dish bill was and will all the features the DVR has, I find it to be an easy, cost effective alternative.