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Ryan Seacrest denied on Monday that he was in on the red-carpet incident at the Oscars involving Sacha Baron Cohen, who, dressed in the costume of his title character in his forthcoming The Dictator dumped the contents of an urn on him. The urn, Cohen had told Seacrest moments earlier, contained the ashes of his good friend, the late North Korean strongman Kim Jong Il, a movie buff of the first order, who had asked him to sprinkle his ashes on the red carpet. “I definitely did not know that he was going to do that,” Seacrest remarked on his syndicated radio show, On Air With Ryan Seacrest. Not that he was totally clueless, he added. “You know, in your gut, it is going too normally … and it just seemed like he didn’t put all [the elaborate makeup and uniform] on to just answer a couple of questions in character.” And while Seacrest, whose natty appearance is sometimes the brunt of jokes on his radio show and on American Idol, was clearly not pleased at having his tuxedo covered in Kim’s “ashes,” he apparently bears Cohen no hard feelings. “This is what his character does,” he observed.