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The projectors in movie theaters aren’t the only things going digital; so are the ads in the lobby and the marquees above the entrances, as well as the signs at the ticket booths displaying movie times, ticket availability and other information. The system, dubbed Neocast, was developed by Sarasota, FL-based Real Digital Media. In a statement, Bryan Rakowski, Rave Cinemas’ senior vice president of technology, said, “It makes perfect sense for us to extend our digital footprint from the box office, through the lobby and into the auditoriums using digital signage. … Real Digital Media separated themselves from the crowd by showing us a platform that easily adapts to our various content needs and use cases, while scaling easily to meet our expansion demands.” According to MediaPost, Rave Cinemas, the fifth-largest theater chain in the U.S., is the first to adopt digital signage at all its locations, but other chains are moving in that direction. MediaPost says that National Cinemedia has developed a “network” for several of its venues featuring 42-inch digital billboards in their lobbies that display a 25-minute entertainment and ad package.