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During the so-called Golden Age of radio and television, advertising agencies often produced the programs that their clients sponsored in full. But with the advent of multiple sponsorships for virtually all programs, ad agencies were forced to abandon production. However, a unique relationship between Ford and NBC may now bring the advertiser back as a co-producer of a new series that the network plans to air on Saturday nights beginning March 31. Ford is producing the show, Escape Routes, then turning it over to NBC, with the stipulation that it be the exclusive automotive advertiser. Aimed at promoting a redesigned Escape model, the show will have interactive and social-media facets and also run on “At NBC, we continue to look for breakthrough ways to work with our partners and the Escape Routes program was a unique opportunity that we hadn’t seen before,” James Hoffman, head of sales and marketing for NBC, said in a statement. “We’re excited about the show and think the concept of Escape Routes and its unique use of social media will add a compelling element to Saturday nights.”