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March 26, 2012 by · 15 Comments 

A teenaged opera singer who was described by the TMZ website as “Susan Boyle 2.0” may have been repackaged — or may have repackaged himself — to achieve the maximum effect on Saturday’s telecast of Britain’s Got Talent. Seventeen-year-old Jonathan Antoine wandered onto the stage looking much like an obese Tiny Tim, except for a Jimmy Hendrix T-shirt, baggy pants, and an oversized dark cardigan sweater with pens lining the breast pocket. In the pre-performance interview, he talked about how his confidence had been damaged by people poking fun at him and said that he needed to have his schoolmate, 16-year-old Charlotte Jaconelli, with whom he sang a duet, standing by his side on stage. He delivered a standout performance that elicited a standing ovation from the audience and the judging panel. Said Simon Cowell: “This is what I think: Charlotte, I think you’re good, but Jonathan — you are unbelievable. … Jonathan, you are a future star.” But today’s (Monday) London Daily Mirror posted a series of YouTube videos on its website of a neatly dressed Antoine on stage at his school, as it pointed out that in them, “His bold, confident performances are a million miles from his awkward appearance seen by viewers of Saturday’s show.”