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There’ll be no slaking moviegoers’ thirst for Hunger Games this weekend, according to box office pundits. After opening with $152.5 million last weekend, the movie was averaging about $10 million a day midweek, and most box-office forecasters are predicting that it will rake in another $50-60 million this weekend. Two big-budget films will be trying to compete, but they’re expected to take a drubbing. They are the 3D Wrath of the Titans, the sequel to 2010’s Clash of the Titans, and the family film Mirror Mirror. But despite costing a reported $150 million to produce, Clash is not expected to earn more than $30-40 million. (The pundits and the critics were totally off-base in their predictions for the original flick, which was one of the top earners of 2010.) Mirror Mirror almost certainly will not be the fairest movie of them all. Costing $100 million to produce — and the expense is all there to see on the screen — it’s likely not to take in more than $20-25 million over the weekend, according to the analysts. Opening in limited release is the controversial documentary Bully. It is receiving some of the best reviews of any movie this year, with many critics describing it as a “must see.”
On Friday, Hunger Games took a decisive lead with $18.9 million, putting it past the $200-million mark, while Wrath of the Titans came in second, but with a solid opening day total of $12.4 million, Daily Variety said on its website. Mirror Mirror finished third with a first-day total of $5.9 million.