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NBC, it would appear, is getting back into the radio business. On Thursday, it announced that it is expanding its relationship with Dial Global, which acquired the NBC Radio News banner from Westwood One when it merged with the Culver City, CA syndicator last year. Westwood One purchased the NBC Radio brand from GE in 1987, but NBC’s anchors and reporters were not included in the deal. However, in 2003, Westwood One began distributing one-minute news updates read by the television network’s news personalities but written by Westwood One’s own employees. It is apparently these updates that are being expanded. In reporting on NBC and Dial Global’s new initiative, the New York Times commented today (Friday). “The announcement testifies both to the resilience of radio and to the fact that traditional television networks like NBC are eager to distribute their content in different ways.” It remains unclear, however, whether the content of the radio newscasts (apart from the voices of those reading it) will be provided by NBC News or by Dial Global (which also distributes CBS Radio News). In addition, it has been distributing CNN Radio News, which apparently will go out of existence following the new pact with NBC.