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Tens of millions of Americans have purchased Apple’s iPad digital tablet, and all of the major television networks have designed free apps for it to allow users to access a limited number of their TV shows. But so far no one is quite sure how many people are actually using those apps, which programs are being accessed, and — most important — how many commercials are being viewed and by whom. Neither does anyone know how much time consumers are spending searching the web or merely playing games on their iPads. On Wednesday, Disney/ABC Television Group’s ABC Research team and Nielsen Media Research announced that they were launching a joint effort “to substantially improve understanding of how people use iPads for video consumption and other activities.” About 200 consumers agreeing to participate in the study will have their behavior on the iPad monitored via a downloadable meter “which will measure reach, duration, frequency and page views of their iPad apps and web usage.”

  • Nosgoth1979


    This is another thing that I really appreciate about the
    Dish Remote Access app that I use on my iPad. Because it streams all my
    programming via a Sling Adapter at home to my iPad, all the shows I watch while
    travelling (which is a substantial amount) are fully counted in the Nielson
    ratings. I like the idea that my favorite shows are getting their due credit.
    Plus it’s better than the other apps because it isn’t just giving me access to
    a selection of video on demand content, but all of my live channels and DVR

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