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Los Angeles weatherman Kyle Hunter is suing CBS, claiming that its local TV stations, KCBS-TV and KCAL, passed him over for jobs because they wanted to hire young, attractive women instead. He is being represented in his gender-discrimination lawsuit by feminist attorney Gloria Allred, whose clients are often women claiming gender discrimination. On Thursday, Allred told that the case was “important because although most victims of gender discrimination are female, men such as Kyle Hunter can also be victims and they are also protected from sex and age discrimination under the law. Kyle has decided to proceed today because he is concerned not only about the denial of his employment opportunity, but also because he is worried about what he considers to be a trend in television news to hire young women as weather broadcasters in prime time while denying qualified male meteorologists the opportunity to be considered for those jobs.” Hunter claims that when he contacted the station manager at KCAL when a job vacancy occurred, he was told, “You wouldn’t be the type men would want to look at.” He claims that he was far more qualified than the woman who got the job.