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Sacha Baron-Cohen certainly knows how to promote his movies to maximum effect. His appearance in the garb of his title character in the upcoming The Dictator before the theater owners’ convention CinemaCon 2012 in Las Vegas Monday night managed to grab the attention of reporters in attendance, who seemed delighted to quote Cohen’s remarks extensively and give short shrift to everyone else, including Chris Rock and Jeffrey Katzenberg, who appeared before the group to promote the upcoming Madagascar 3, and director Jon Chu and actor Dwayne Johnson who were there to promote the upcoming G.I. Joe. Cohen, as his character, referred to Katzenberg in his remarks, saying that he thought he himself would be the only dictator appearing before the theater owners. “Imagine my surprise when I found out Jeffrey Katzenberg would be here.” There were lessons that Hollywood could learn from himself and fellow tyrants, he indicated, suggesting that Disney should just have shot the executive responsible for the $300-million bomb John Carter. “Wait a minute,” he interrupted himself, “you did!” It was a reference to last week’s firing of Disney Studios chief Rich Ross. But Cohen brought down the house when he announced that his film had already received two thumbs up from Roger Ebert. “Look, I show you,” he said, and removed two severed thumbs from his pocket. As the audience roared, Cohen looked at the thumbs and remarked, “Disgusting! He bites his nails!”