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Despite its being released unrated, The Weinstein Co.’s controversial documentary Bully rode the wave of its controversy to a $115,000 opening in five theaters over the weekend — or $23,000 per theater, a huge amount for any nonfiction flick. The studio said that it will add Toronto to the list next Friday and expand into 25 theaters the following Friday. It denied numerous reports that it is already readying a PG-13 version (presumably bleeping out the offending language that drew an R-rating from the MPAA ratings board). quoted a Weinstein Co. spokesperson as saying, “No other versions have been submitted, although we are in contact with the MPAA and are being advised by David Boies on those negotiations.” It was the first mention that famed attorney Boies, who has been involved in numerous high-profile cases, was negotiating with the MPAA. (He represented Al Gore in the “hanging chad” case in 2000. Most recently he represented the National Basketball Players Assn. during last year’s lockout.)