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James Cameron has responded to complaints by some of the film stars he has worked with over the years that he is a tough and often cruel taskmaster, who has driven some of them to tears. “I think anybody that signs on to work with me on a film knows that they’re going to be asked to step up to world-class work. It doesn’t have to be an unpleasant situation,” he told the New York Times. When the Times reporter remarked that Cameron’s “on-set tantrums are legend,” the director shot back, “I don’t recall any temper tantrums. Show me the video proof of that. What do you say after you come back from a white-water rafting trip? That it was all handled so beautifully? No! You come back and say, ‘Yeah, the raft flipped over, and I almost got killed.’ The fact is, you didn’t get killed. People who work on my films come back and say, ‘Man, I almost died,’ because it makes a better story. It doesn’t mean they actually got hurt or were actually emotionally brutalized.” Asked about actor Ed Harris remark that he wept on his way home from the set of Cameron’s The Abyss, Cameron simply replied, “It was a tough show for everybody.”