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Widespread rumors that Apple will begin manufacturing a next-generation television set have hit home with U.S. consumers, with 25 percent telling a British research and marketing group that they would buy it when it becomes available; in Britain, the figure was even higher — 30 percent. For consumers who already own at least one Apple device, 38 percent of Americans would purchase an Apple TV set; 43 percent of Britons. In a statement, Lee Powney, chief commercial officer at KAE, said that the huge numbers put pressure on Apple to bring “the Apple experience further into the home.” He added that Apple “should do this, and must do this.” KAE also indicated that a launch by Apple of such a TV set would hurt Asian competitors, principally Sony, Samsung and LG. Among those consumers who said that they would buy an Apple TV set, nearly two thirds cited their belief that Apple would produce a high-quality TV set. More than half anticipated a groundbreaking design. Oddly, there was no mention in KAE’s statement of the most highly anticipated feature of the Apple set — voice control.