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Political correctness may prove to be the undoing of Ricky Gervais yet. The British comedian, who stirred up a hornet’s nest of controversy when he hosted the Golden Globe Awards last year (his appearance as host again this year was notable for its lack of controversy) was due to appear Thursday night as the dimwitted character Derek in a comedy special due to air on Britain’s Channel Four. Prior to the broadcast, Gervais said in an interview on BBC Radio that he had been publicly criticized for “mocking people with learning disabilities.” Gervais said that he was “bored” by the controversy, insisting that Derek was simply a “funny little nerd.” Responding to critics who maintained that this time around he had gone too far and that the program could mark the end of his career, Gervais remarked, “Every single week has been the end of my career if you believe six or seven journalists. … These people have got to write a blog or an article every day, they have to write about something, and now and again when I do something, that gives them something to write about. It’s just noise. It’s just graffiti.”