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Lionsgate’s Hunger Games has become the first film since Avatar to win four weekends in a row. (Avatar remained at No. 1 for seven weeks.) With an estimated gross of $21.5 million, it easily held off challenges from three newcomers. Its closest rival was Fox’s The Three Stooges, which nevertheless performed far better than industry pundits had forecast. Its estimated $17.1 million debut virtually guarantees that the Farelly brothers will be able to fulfill their reported ambition to produce a series of Stooges slapstick farces that will keep alive the vintage silliness of the originals. Lionsgate — which until now had been forced to live down the descriptor “struggling” that reporters attached to its name — placed another film in the top three. Its tongue-in-cheek horror flick The Cabin in the Woods brought in about $14.9 million in ticket sales — at the high end of analysts’ forecasts. A third newcomer, the sci-fi thriller Lockout, was nearly locked out of the top ten, placing ninth with around $6.3 million. Among holdovers, the 3D version of James Cameron’s Titanic performed unimpressively in its second weekend, with just $11.6 million.

The top ten films for the weekend, according to studio estimates compiled by Box Office Mojo:
1. The Hunger Games, $21.5 million; 2. The Three Stooges, $17.1 million; 3. The Cabin in the Woods, $14.9 million; 4. Titanic 3D, $11.6 million; 5. American Reunion, $10.6 million; 6. Mirror Mirror, $7 million; 7. Wrath of the Titans, $6.9 million; 8. 21 Jump Street, $6.8 million; 9. Lockout, $6.3 million; 10. Dr. Seuss’ the Lorax, $3 million.

Final Figures for the Top Five Films

1. The Hunger Games, $21,096,824
2. The Three Stooges, $17,010,125
3. The Cabin in the Woods, $14,743,614
4. Titanic 3D, $11,930,249
5. American Reunion, $10,473,810