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James Murdoch

James Murdoch reiterated today (Tuesday) that subordinates intentionally kept him in the dark about the extent of voicemail hacking at News of the World, the now-defunct tabloid owned by his father’s News Corp conglomerate. Asked during an appearance in London before the Leveson committee’s investigation of British media ethics why the tabloid’s then-editor, Colin Myler, and the company’s former in-house lawyer, Tom Crone, would have done so, Murdoch speculated that he would have said, “‘Cut out the cancer,’ and there was some desire to not do that.” Except that evidence already introduced at a separate hearing by a parliamentary committee has shown that he was sent copies of email messages mentioning that telephone hacking was rife at News of the World. Murdoch explained that he “didn’t read the email chain. It was a Saturday. I had just come back from Hong Kong. I was with my children.” Rupert Murdoch is scheduled to appear before the Leveson committee on Wednesday. The two comments appeared to be in conflict. In one, the younger Murdoch claims that the hacking information was withheld from him; in the other, he concedes that the information was sent via email to him but that he didn’t read it.