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Some 38 percent of U.S. households now are able to connect to the Internet via their TV sets, most of them by using a Blu-ray Disc player or an electronic game device, according to the Leichtman Research Group’s quarterly Emerging Video Services report. That percentage is up from 24 percent just two years ago. The study indicates that 13 percent of all adults now view video on their TV sets via connected devices at least once a week, versus 5 percent just two years ago. Some 16 percent of all adults watch full-length TV shows online at least weekly. And 79 percent of subscribers to the Netflix streaming service watch movies and TV shows on their TV sets, 59 percent of whom do so via a videogame device. However, it would seem, cord cutting — dropping satellite or cable subscriptions and opting instead for Internet access only — does not appear to be making much progress. The Leichtman study indicated that only 4 percent of homes have cut their cords to their satellite and cable Internet systems.