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Despite its peculiar provenance, Think Like a Man is receiving a fare share of positive reviews. It “will entertain women and amuse men,” Carrie Rickey predicts in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Roger Moore in the Orlando Sentinel suggests that the movie is all about “funny people in funny situations deliver[ing] funny lines with … zippy timing.” And Michael Phillips in the Chicago Tribune, taking note of the fact that the movie is based on a self-help book written by Steve Harvey, writes: “Considering its source, though, one of the more unpromising comedies of the year has turned out … pretty funny.” But some critics suggest that the movie amounts to little more than an infomercial for Harvey’s book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. Rachel Saltz in the New York Times writes that the movie “isn’t just based on [the book], it’s also a two-hour advertisement for it.” Ron Batzdorff in the New York Daily News comments that it often “feels as though we’re stuck inside an infomercial Harvey made about himself.” And Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun-Times comments, “This movie must be one of the greatest examples of product placement in history.”