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President Obama’s appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night produced the show’s best ratings in more than two years. NBC said that it was watched by more than 2 million viewers, citing preliminary Nielsen overnight figures from the nation’s metered markets. But the president immediately came under attack for agreeing to “slow jam the news” on the show. On Fox News’s The Five, co-host Greg Gutfield said that it was an attempt to make Obama look cool, something that he described as an “evolutionary trick to hide incompetence.” On Sean Hannity’s show later, conservative commentator Ann Coulter faulted Obama for “going on silly late-night TV shows with shockingly low ratings … Who are these shut-ins watching Jimmy Fallon?” But 180 degrees across the political spectrum, even Jon Stewart was criticizing Obama’s appearance. “Mr. President, you’re the president,” he remarked, “You don’t have to do this s**t anymore.” Some writers, however, came to the president’s defense, noting that both Democratic and Republican presidents have lent themselves to similar TV shtick in the past.