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Apple’s much-rumored TV set will look like its Cinema Display monitor “only much larger,” the website Cult of Mac reported on Monday, citing a source who claims to have seen a prototype. The set features Apple’s Siri voice-recognition software that can be used in conjunction with an Apple iSight camera to make free telephone calls, according to the report. The camera features a zoom-and-pan feature that will allow users to take close-up video of themselves from across a room. Presumably the Siri feature will also allow viewers to “tell” the TV what shows or movies they wish to watch live, record, or play back. In a mock-up of the set shown on Cult of Mac, the viewer tells Siri, “I’m in the mood for a movie, maybe one of my favorites. Can you make a suggestion?” Siri suggests Three Days of the Condor. No information is provided about possible shipping dates, screen sizes, or pricing.