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The ever controversial leftist British director Ken Loach is at it again. His latest film, The Angels’ Share, which was screened at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday — it is the only British film selected for the competition — has been given a preliminary 18 rating by the British Board of Film Classification, meaning that no one under 18 may be allowed to see it. That action is particularly galling to the director given the fact that it concerns young offenders struggling to find employment in Glasgow, Scotland. Loach told a news conference in Cannes that he has been in talks with the board about ways in which the film may be edited so that it will qualify for a 15 rating when it is released next week, but, he maintained, those talks have entered “the world of surrealism.” At issue, he said, is the use of the word “cunt” in the film. “We were allowed seven cunts … but only two of them could be aggressive cunts,” he remarked. Screenwriter Paul Laverty added that the British censors fail to take context into consideration. “‘You wee cunt’ is often a term of endearment,” he said. “But they transpose it as if it were on a public address system at the Royal Opera.” Appearing at the same news conference, the film’s producer, Rebecca O’Brien, remarked, “The language in the film is the language these young people speak.” At least in Scotland, where the movie is set, she suggested. “And I think if they are looking for diversity in Britain they should look no further than this film and Glasgow and see there are different ways of speaking that should be acceptable to all and should not be censored.”