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Perhaps the reason why ratings for American Idol have been declining is that the judges and the audience are not on the same track. That judgment seemed to emerge from Thursday night’s vote when the audience eliminated Joshua Ledet, whom judge Randy Jackson had once called one of the “top two Idols of all time.” Clearly the favorite of all three judges, Ledet’s elimination came as something of a shock at the end of Thursday night’s results show — which wound up with Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez heading for the final title round next week. Even before Ledet’s elimination, Steven Tyler announced his choice, telling 16-year-old Sanchez, “I hope you get used to encores. You’ll be the last one standing, I believe.” But USA Today writer Craig Berman commented, “But that’s the Idol judges for you — spreading the compliments so lavishly that the viewers can’t help but tune them out.” Thursday night’s telecast attracted 17.3 million viewers, peaking in second hour with 18.6 million.

  • Poetryman69

    none of the three matter at all, so none of their eliminations is that big a deal..the final three should’ve been Erica Van Pelt, Skylar Lane and Shannon or Elise…we need more rock babes in music, not popstars…however, it is what it is and this is the dull finjal two you have and i hope jessica beats out grunge rocker who’ll-never-get-past-garages, phillip for sure..WAY overrated!…o9h, and for those who love pop and don’t even know what rock is(no, its not the coldplay or nickleback), remember that adam lambert is now your average pop singer doing nothing with a great voice…had he been a rocker, his music would already be legendary…so anyway, whoever wins will not fill big arenas..Skylar was the only one in the top 5 or 6 who can do that..