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At a time when the major studios seem to be vying to produce the most expensive and gigantic blockbusters in history, a slight, charming film about a pair of tweens discovering first love appeared to captivate critics as it opened the Cannes Film Festival today (Wednesday). At a news conference, the stars of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, who include Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Tilda Swinton, Bob Balaban and Edward Norton — many of whom have appeared together in Wes Anderson movies before — talked about their modest and casual working conditions. It was all like a “fun adventure,” said Murray. Norton remarked that he had always fantasized about becoming part of a company of actors like Orson’s Welles’s Mercury Theater Players. “I used to dream about how fun it would be to be in a troupe like that.” For him, making the movie was like “being in summer camp,” he said. “Every movie that we start is like a bigger reunion,” Anderson himself said. The actors talked about wearing their own clothes and putting on their own makeup. The film was shot in Super 16mm, sometimes with cameras that were so small that they had to be handheld, and as a result, Anderson said, “they gave us a freedom that was something new to us.” Some day, Anderson said, he will probably be forced to make movies with digital cameras — even Technicolor is getting out of processing film, he observed; however, he said, digital is “no substitute” for film. But of course the movie is being transferred to digital media and will be screened with digital projectors. Being a throwback to Hollywood’s past, it would appear, can only go so far. The film is due to open domestically on May 25.