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May 16, 2012 by · 1 Comment 

Until now, DISH network’s plan to provide DVRs to subscribers that will allow them to skip commercials automatically has received a muted response from network executives. But CBS chief Les Moonves warned today (Wednesday) that his network plans to battle DISH over the DVRs. “They can’t just take our signal and change it and put on a black spot where our commercials were,” Moonves said during a news conference as he unveiled the network’s new fall schedule. DISH’s new “Hopper” DVR allows users to bypass commercials without having to use their remotes to do so. Moonves warned that unless DISH disables the devices, he plans to yank CBS programs from the satellite operator. Referring to the chairman of DISH, Moonves asked, “How does Charlie Ergen expect me to produce CSI without ads?”

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    Wow, that is a huge over reaction. From his comments it sounds like he doesn’t even know how Auto Hop works. Not only do I have a Hopper, but I work at Dish so I know a little about what it does. The Hopper records the prime time programming from CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX and stores it for 8 days. The day after a show airs, I can select the episode and I am given the option to skip the commercials for that show. When I select “Yes” the commercials are skipped and when I select “No” they play normally. At no point is the content or “signal” altered in any way. Dish simply automated something anyone with a DVR already does. Maybe Les should pull “his” network from any company that offers a DVR.