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Al-Jazeera English has shut down its English-language offices and studio in Beijing after its reporter, Melissa Chan, was expelled by the Chinese government without explanation. It said that its Arabic offices and studio were not affected. In a report on its website, al-Jazeera observed that Chan had been stationed in Beijing as its correspondent since 2007 and has filed nearly 400 reports from there during that time. “Just as China news services cover the world freely we would expect that same freedom in China for any Al Jazeera journalist. Al-Jazeera Media Network will continue to work with the Chinese authorities in order to reopen our Beijing bureau,” said Salah Negm, Al-Jazeera English’s news director. China declined to specify the reasons for Chan’s expulsion, but the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China, of which Chan is a member, observed that officials had expressed anger over a documentary the channel aired last November. “Melissa Chan did not even play a part in making that documentary,” it observed.