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Reese Schonfeld, who co-founded CNN and Headline News Network with Ted Turner in the early ’80s, is obviously appalled by the cable news network’s continued decline. Writing in the Huffington Post, Schonfeld noted that last week the number of viewers who watched CNN was smaller than at any time since 1992. “That means that CNN 2012, available in more than 105 million homes, has a smaller audience now than it did back in 1992, when it reached only about 75-80 million households.” Schoenfeld also seemed upset that CNN received lower ratings among the key 25-54 age group than sister network HLN. “I launched both CNN and Headline News, and I never believed the day would come when more people watched our tabloid version rather than what was supposed to be the quality product,” he wrote. Schonfeld has been urging CNN executives to overhaul its operations — he has been particularly critical of its decision to hand over two hours of primetime to Anderson Cooper, whom he regards as a lightweight reporter. Instead, he says, no one at the network appears to be doing anything about the plunging ratings “except putting up displays on newspaper stands all over Manhattan proclaiming how great the service is.”