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He’s no caustic Simon Cowell — as everyone expected him to be. That’s the general conclusion of TV critics who have seen previews of Howard Stern’s appearances in opening episodes of America’s Got Talent. Indeed, some writers express surprise at the downright G-rated performance that Stern puts on as the newest member of the judging panel. In an interview with TV Guide magazine, Stern himself said, “I’ve had hard-core fans say to me, ‘Oh you’re a sellout, this is a G-rated show.’ I was excited by that challenge. It’s not The Howard Stern Show; it’s America’s Got Talent, and I’m joining an ensemble. A lot of people who don’t get my radio show will all of a sudden go, ‘Hey, he’s being reasonable! And I’m enjoying watching him!’ There are different sides to a person, and I don’t feel I have to be the outrageous shock jock.” But none of that is deterring the Parents Television Council from mobilizing a protest campaign against Stern and AGT. TMZcom reports that the PTC has sent 91 advertisers urging them to withdraw their ads for the series.