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Larry King is clearly frustrated over being relegated to the sidelines while the presidential campaigns heat up. On Thursday he said that he plans to resume his nightly talk show this summer instead of next fall and to attend the Democratic and Republican national conventions. The show will be carried by Ora.TV, the digital channel being financed by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. In an interview with the Associated Press, King said that he had recruited many members of his old CNN production staff. The new talk show, he indicated, will be more or less the same as his old one, except that he will no longer be bound by time constraints. Ordinarily, he said, it will run about 30 minutes, but it could be shorter or longer depending on how the interviews go and who’s being interviewed. Even though it will only be available via the Internet, King said he expects to be able to book big names for it — he’s aiming for President Obama or Mitt Romney as his first guest. “It’s not Harvey Glick saying ‘please come on the Harvey Glick show,'” he told the AP.