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Marvel executives are reportedly angry over published reports that Paramount stands to pocket at least $115 million in fees for The Avengers and Iron Man 3 without having to shell out a dime in costs, the New York Post reported today (Wednesday), citing unnamed sources. According to those sources, Paramount might have held on to rights to distribute Marvel films if the relationship between the two companies had been less caustic and combative. “Everything was an argument,” one source told the Post. [Paramount] wouldn’t even let [Marvel] see a cut of trailers. It was a toxic partnership, and there was overall hostility to Marvel,” according to the Post‘s source. Marvel executives have privately stated that it seems odd that Paramount executives are now boasting about the big fees they will receive as a result of the success of the motion picture — when they could have earned much more if they had cultivated a friendlier relationship with the superhero studio. However, another source told the Post, “It was a very tough negotiation. Paramount drove a very hard bargain.