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Vince Cable

Britain’s business secretary, Vince Cable, claimed today (Tuesday) that he had heard “veiled threats” that Rupert Murdoch would retaliate if he did not approve Murdoch’s bid to take over complete ownership of BSkyB, the British satellite operator. It was in that context, he indicated in testimony before the Leveson hearing into journalistic ethics, that he remarked in a private conversation that he had “declared war” on Murdoch. He declined to disclose who had told him that Murdoch would have him “done over” if he did not approve the deal. Cable said that comments he had received directly and indirectly from colleagues had led him to believe that he and his Liberal Democratic party were “under siege” from Murdoch’s organization. “My views about this company were actually quite nuanced,” he remarked. “There was disproportionate influence [by Murdoch and his newspapers] and I thought the leaders of the main parties had got too close to them.”