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The three-day celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s 60th anniversary on the throne attracted massive TV audiences on each day, according to preliminary ratings figures. The BBC’s coverage of Sunday’s Jubilee pageant, in which the queen and Prince Philip proceeded down the Thames in the Royal Barge accompanied by a thousand smaller vessels, attracted 10.3 million viewers, or an average of 56 percent of the total television audience. Monday’s pop concert in front of Buckingham Palace averaged 14.7 million viewers, representing 57.4 percent of the audience, making it the BBC’s most-watched telecast since last year’s marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton, which attracted 19.3 million viewers. Finally, on Monday, the BBC’s telecast of the ceremonial procession of Queen Elizabeth’s carriage through London peaked at 7.4 million or 46 percent of the total audience. And while the royal events had been expected to draw audiences away from movie theaters and West End playhouses, many venues reported sold-out business, crediting the influx of tourists for the Jubilee as well as rainy weather, which made the theaters attractive as shelters.