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Lifetime channel’s hopes of cashing in on the notoriety surrounding Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol by mounting a reality TV series around her decision to move to Los Angeles to rear her toddler son Tripp were dashed Tuesday when Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp attracted just 726,000 viewers for its season opener. That’s a far cry from the 21 million viewers who watched the daughter of the former vice presidential candidate make her debut on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Nor, it seems, was she able to capitalize on her name. Two years ago, her mom’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska on TLC attracted 5 million viewers, a record for the cable network at the time. “Bristol Palin’s reality show ratings tank,” headlined Entertainment Weekly. “Bristol Palin’s Lifetime Show Fizzles in Premiere,” headlined The Hollywood Reporter. “The Palins are finished — kaput,” commented David Zurawik, the TV columnist for the Baltimore Sun. Reviews of the show were, as Palin’s fans predicted, withering. The Washington Post‘s TV critic, Hank Steuver, concluded that it represented “a new low for anyone who makes the mistake of watching.”