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Lu Chuan

Lu Chuan, one of China’s leading young directors, has spoken out against official censorship after his latest film, The Last Supper, was barred from release by the state Film Bureau. As reported by Daily Variety, Lu raised the issue at the Shanghai Film Festival, where he said his film had been “delayed” by authorities. “We need a fair, relaxed and comfortable environment to be creative, like Hollywood,” he told a festival forum. “Their movies can have aliens attacking Los Angeles, even flooding the White House. Film should not just be a propaganda tool.” Variety reported that the forum was attended by some of China’s top young directors, each of whom complained about official censorship. Presumably taking note of recent deals between Chinese distributors and Hollywood production companies, Lu said, “This year is a crisis year for Chinese films. If we lose today, it’s possible more funding will go to Hollywood, not China.”