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Charlie Ergen

DISH Network Chairman Charlie Ergen has indicated that his company introduced its Hopper ad-skipping DVR in an effort to level the playing field between traditional TV and Internet TV. In an interview with today’s (Friday) Wall Street Journal, Ergen said said that the advent of cheap or free Internet video threatens the pay-TV ecosystem and that the networks that are taking legal action against him are partially to blame for the threat from Internet video since they themselves offer free access to shows online, with fewer commercials than are aired on TV. The networks’ arguments against Hopper are therefore “disingenuous,” he said. Ergen indicated that he’s still trying to figure out a fair business model in which the Hopper technology can be beneficial to tall concerned. “If the ad is skipped, the consumer likes it, but it’s not necessarily good for me and it’s not necessarily good for the broadcaster because I’m in the same ecosystem as him,” he said. “So we have to figure out how the broadcaster benefits, we benefit and the consumer continues to feel like he gets a fair deal.”

  • Vvblair

    The networks are TOTALLY responsible for this problem, because their continuous expansion of the commercial load for all of their broadcast programs has become intolerable.  Almost one-third of all broadcast time is now commercials.  The commercial time between programs has been reduced, while the commercial time in the middle of programs has been increased.  Programs therefore are more fragmented and harder to watch in real time than ever before.  The networks created a demand for some kind of commercial-skipping technology to be developed.

  • Anonymous


    I think Dish did make a great move with the Auto Hop feature
    because I’m just like everyone else who doesn’t like to watch commercials. I agree
    with you Vvblair that there was and is a demand
    for commercial skipping technology. Auto Hop is really no different than
    the skip forward button on any DVR out there, other than you have to press it
    fewer times. My coworker at Dish told me about the Auto Hop feature a couple of
    weeks ago, and I tried it out myself and it’s awesome. Auto Hop Is simply the best
    feature to have on a DVR because who actually likes to watch commercials?