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You can borrow a friend or relative’s password to watch HBO’s streaming service, HBOGO, without signing up for the service, but if you’re not a cable-TV subscriber and you want to pay for it separately, you’re out of luck. Jake Caputo, a fan of HBO shows — in particular Game of Thrones and True Blood, launched a website,, on Tuesday hoping to convince the Time Warner-owned pay-TV channel to let fans pay for HBOGO separately. “Please HBO, offer a standalone HBOGO streaming service and Take My Money!” the website says, then, next to a blank box, asks, “How much would you pay monthly for a standalone HBOGO streaming service? Enter a number and tweet it to let HBO know we want it and we will pay.” Today’s (Thursday) Washington Post reported that most responders said that they would pay $10-20 a month. (“One nincompoop said he would pay $100 a month,” the Post noted.) reported that Caputo’s site received more than 12,000 visits in just the first two hours after it was launched. However, it observed, “Going direct to online customers by pitching HBO GO over-the-top would mean losing the support of its cable, satellite, and IPTV distributors. And since the Comcasts and the Time Warner Cables of the world are the top marketing channel for premium networks like HBO, it would be nearly impossible for HBO to make up for the loss of the cable provider’s marketing team or promotions.” Of course, most cable companies are also Internet service providers and might very well be open to marketing a premium online service to its customers.