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The notion that the broadcast networks are turning to five-second tape delays for all live events was dispelled Monday night when Los Angeles Kings captain Dustin Brown let loose an “f-bomb” in his exuberance just before he took possession of the 2012 Stanley Cup. With a chyron slide noting that Brown was only the second American-born captain ever to win the Stanley Cup, NBC’s Pierre McGuire asked him whether he ever thought at the beginning of the season whether he ever thought such a victory would ever happen, he replied, “You get to the dance, you never know [unintelligible]. That’s why we f***in’ play.” Rival CBS, which was famously fined by the FCC for Janet Jackson’s split-second “wardrobe malfunction” during the 2004 Super Bowl, posted the interview on its CBSSports website with the observation, “This is what happens when you go for a live TV interview with an emotional player immediately after a game. Especially when it’s involving a team that just won a championship. … It goes without saying that there is a profanity in there, so use your best judgment if watching at work or around the kids.”