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Nikki Finke

Feisty entertainment industry blogger Nikki Finke, who regularly assails her online and print competitors with allegatiions of shoddy journalism, has taken another shot at the trade journal Daily Variety. “One of the main reasons Variety is currently for sale is that it’s no longer read by the Hollywood community,” she wrote on Sunday. “And one of the main reasons for that is because it’s no longer trusted by the Hollywood community.” While it can be argued that the trade papers throughout their existence have largely served as mouthpieces for the studios that keep them alive with advertising and that they are often read with a sizable measure of skepticsm within the community, Finke suggested that the failing has grown worse and pointed an accusatory finger at one of the writers of a recent article that listed Hunger Games producer Nina Jacobson among a number of producers being considered to produce the movie version of the best-selling novel Fifty Shades of Grey. It is a measure of Finke’s current clout in Hollywood that Jacobson contacted her to deny the report — not, apparently, Variety — saying that “the truth is that I am not in the mix, have not met with anyone, nor do I have plans to pursue it.” While the Variety article was bylined by two writers, Finke makes the point: “FYI, this is yet another error from one Variety jackass whose reporting is regularly wrong and has generated myriad complaints from the Hollywood community. But the trade does nothing to rein him in.”