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June 29, 2012 by · 1 Comment 

Several analysts have suggested that Ann Curry ended up as the scapegoat for numerous problems that have brought about the decline of ratings for NBC’s Today show. In an interview with today’s (Friday) Los Angeles Times Jeffrey McCall, a communications professor at DePauw University, pointed the finger at NBC’s low-rated telecasts during primetime. “So few viewers in primetime means there are fewer people who will have Today on in the morning when they turn the television back on,” McCall said. It also means fewer viewers during primetime to watch promos for the show. The Hollywood Reporter‘s Tim Goodman remarked, “NBC dumping Ann Curry from Today seemed like both calculated assassination and [a] bizarrely ill-timed roll of the dice.” Several writers commented on the fact that the show didn’t give Curry, who has been a member of the Today “family” for 15 years as a news reader and co-host, was not given the same sort of send-off that her predecessors Katie Couric and Meredith Vieira received. But another predecessor, Deborah Norville, recalled in a letter to THR: “Seeing [Curry] under attack brought back uncomfortable, hurtful memories. Unlike Ann, I was given neither an opportunity to say farewell nor a different position at the network. I was pushed out while on maternity leave, having just given birth to my first child. It was personally devastating to, in less than two years, go from ‘NBC’s fastest-rising star’ to a pariah in television.” And on her ABC blog, Katie Couric, who replaced Norville on Today commented: “It really broke my heart this morning to see Ann, because I know she’s suffering and is feeling a lot of pain with this transition, and I know that it’s really hard for everyone on the show.”